Monday, 12 September 2011

Paket 34 : Synthogy Ivory

Paket 34 :
Synthogy Ivory 
10DVD 130rb
Hemat 20rb!!

Synthogy Ivory
Three different grand pianos (a nine-foot Steinway Model D, a Bösendorfer 290 Imperial, and a Yamaha C7) are sampled at 10 velocity levels for this 40GB title, and a further 19GB expansion pack adds a 10-foot Italian Grand. Separate Sustain and Una Corda pedal samples help increase realism, as do the DSP-based sympathetic string-resonance modelling and sampled key noises. There's a range of timbral controls, including chorus, EQ, and reverb processing, as well as a pad synth layer you can mix in. Both equal temperament and stretched tunings are available. In SOS March 2005, Paul Wiffen said "It's great when the first sound you open is the one you have been looking for for years — I must have played the Bösendorfer for at least 20 minutes before I even thought about calling up another preset... the Steinway and Yamaha are also both excellent."

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