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13 dvd 170rb 

Hemat 25rb!

Synthogy Ivory Italian Grand Expansion VSTi RTAS AU HYBRiD DVDR
 5DVD | DVD1: 3.46GB | DVD2: 3.05GB | DVD3: 2.95GB | DVD4: 2.93GB | DVD5: 1.73GB

Ivory Italian Grand is now a complete Virtual Instrument, combining the extraordinary Italian 10 Foot Concert Grand Piano with Synthogy's award winning Ivory piano engine. The Italian Grand is a magnificent addition to Ivorys award-winning collection of pianos. Expertly regulated and recorded at the famed SUNY Purchase, concert hall in New York using Class-A equipment, this Italian 10 foot concert grand is well known for its dynamics, expressiveness and full-bodied character. Twelve velocity layers are included in this expansion pack, as well as soft pedal samples and release samples at multiple time and velocity levels.

* Over 2000 samples, 19 GB
* 12 discrete velocity layers
* Una corda (soft) samples and release samples
* Plugs into Ivory version 1.6 and higher
* Takes full advantage of Ivorys new browser feature

Ivory 1.6 Browser Feature

Starting with Version 1.6, Ivory will boast a new browser feature. (Ivory 1.5 is automatically updated to 1.6 when installing the Italian Grand.) Click and hold on a Program or Session and a hierarchical list of presets will appear, organized by piano. Now its faster than ever to locate and load your favorite pianos. You may also organize your own programs and sessions

Important note:

Ivory Version 1.5 must already be installed in order to use this expansion pack.

Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano 2.3 (2010/ENG) | 6.21 GB

Art Vista Productions released the audio module Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano - a virtual piano-based Sampler Native Instruments Kontakt Player. Sound Library module includes samples of a concert grand of top-class 1960 Hamburg Steinway "B".

Sampled as a tool to "direct" sound, and with room acoustics. The presets are divided into 4 groups with different dynamic response, for compatibility with any keyboard. The module includes more than 200 presets, including simulating the technical parameters of the most famous piano recordings in various styles, from 1950 to 2005. Reproduced by different dynamic characteristics play an instrument, the relevant genres of classical, pop, rock, and gospel ldaza. Virtual Grand Piano is available for Windows and Mac OS X in the formats VST, DX, AU, RTAS, and as a standalone program.

Year: 2010

Name of Program: Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano

Software version: 2.3

Latest version: 2.3
Language: ENG
Treatment: Complete
Type of medicine: crack
System requirements:

Minimum Requirements

6.0 GB Free Hard Disc Space

DVD Drive

Windows XP or Vista 32bit or Win7, Pentium 4/Athlon 1.8 GHz
Mac: OS 10.4 or later, G5
512 MB RAM
The Kontakt Player needs a soundcard for playing the sounds of Virtual Grand Piano. Standard DirectSound, MME or ASIO drivers required; Windows-compatible MIDI hardware if required. The Kontakt audio engine is designed to make use of the processing power of your computer's CPU. The powerful and complex algorithms of the Kontakt Player work best on modern CPUs.
Recommended Requirements
6.0 GB free hard disk space; 7,200 rpm hard disk speed
DVD-ROM drive
Windows XP, Pentium 4/Athlon 2.4 GHz or faster
Mac OS 10.4 or later, G5 1.6 GHz or faster
A MIDI interface is required if you are using a MIDI keyboard, another MIDI controller or an external sequencer. The MIDI interface integrated in many sound cards can also be used.
We recommend 1 GB or more of RAM. The more RAM the better.
The Kontakt Player needs an audio card for playing the sounds of Virtual Grand Piano. Standard DirectSound, MME or ASIO drivers are required. Windows-compatible MIDI hardware is required. The Kontakt audio engine is designed to make use of the processing power of your computer's CPU. The powerful and complex algorithms of the Kontakt Player work best on modern CPUs.
Please also observe the system requirements of your host application.
Windows XP (Standalone, VST ®, DXi 2.0 ™, ASIO ™, MME ™, Direct Sound ™, RTAS ™)
Mac OS 10.4 or later (Standalone, VST ®, ASIO ™, Audio Units ™, Core Audio ™, RTAS ™)
Size: 6.06 GB

Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano - Hamburg Steinway B Concert Grand has been digitized and converted into a VSTi in order, so you can enjoy realistic sound of a piano, without leaving her room. It consists of seven major presets: Classic Piano, Pop Piano, Jazz Piano, Gospel Piano, Rock Piano, Light Piano, Pompressed Piano. Archive of the distribution of the instrument is unpacked in volume 6 Gb. The tool has eight adjustable parameters of sound.

The choice fell on this organ because of its unbelievable power and sonority. Its volume is able to fill sovereignly the vast nave. Its impressive percussive quality in the development of sound is an ideal case for recording samples. 

The great organ by Pierre Schyven /Salomon van Bever (1874/1912) is a discovery. Being the second greatest instrument of its builder it stands in the tradition of the symphonic organ in Belgium. Cavaille-Coll held Schyven in high regard and even today one can hear why. 

The natural reverberation of the cathedral is given upon key-release. When you let the key go, a second sample is played, showing the rich reverberation, which was not manipulated. This release reverberation tail was recorded in the cathedral itself and is still part of the original sample. This idea was used in SOS-1 "La Madeleine" for the first time ever and there are good reasons for applying this original reverberation for SOS-2 once more. 

All stops were sampled in Thirds. The true nature and charakter of each pipe was captured. Every single tone is 30 seconds long for the stops of the manuals. The lenght of the pedaltones is 60 seconds. 

All tones are not looped in any way. Looping actually represents the adding of information to the original material, and so it is no longer left original. 

All instruments have got 18 multisamples recorded in stereo which can be played from C up to c4. Some rare stops with exceptional spectrums of their overtones were captured chromatically. These instruments consist of 55 multisamples. 

Each stop was sampled with the smallest headroom using two Neumann KM 130 microphones and a very good SPL Pre-Amp direct to a Digital Audio Tape. No dithering of the Samples was made. Sounddesign was carried out with Samplitude in two steps only: 1.) Cutting the samples, 2.) For the reverb tails in some stops of the manual we used the FFT-Analyzer cutting off the frequencies below the groundtone, because of the trucks driving around the cathedral during the night. In the spectrum of the overtones NO sounddesign whatever was admitted! 

Every manual was captured separately, that is without using the couplers. These couplers are easy to combine with the ports and channels in Samplers. 

What is more, no kind of noisereduction was applied. Thus the noise of the winding system and the bellows can clearly be heard. Our goal was to give the most clear reproduction of this great organ, only orientated on the musicality. 

Hear the demos. Little improvisations can give you an impression which enormous potential this soundlibrary gives to you fingertips. Comes with a voluminous manual on DVD...



"As a musical instrument the Grandioso 290 really is a complete joy to play: the programming is first-rate, and the attention to detail is almost unparalleled... 
The response between the layers is totally transparent and natural .... 
the Bцsendorfer 290's sonic qualities should make it appeal to a wide range of musicians for western art, jazz and some rock styles..." Mark Wherry, SOUND ON SOUND UK. 

"Bottom line: This is the acoustic piano sample library to beat." John Krogh and Ernie Rideout, KEYBOARD USA. 

"The first time I played the Bosendorfer samples in Logic I was very impressed with the sound quality. It sounds rich. The sustain is great. Michiel did a great job recording these piano samples. As a pianist who is used to playing the best pianos I am confident this is the best choice out there”. Jetro da Silva (Piano Department at BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC in Boston and Pianist/keyboardist for WHITNEY HOUSTON). 

The 5-star awarded PMI Bцsendorfer 290 is simply the best sampled Bцsendorfer 290 Grand Piano on the planet - and now it's available as a 24-bit plug-in (MAC and PC) for the first time. 

This pristine piano library has finally captured all of the beauty of this piano. Up to 16 velocity layers, true release samples, true repedalling and two different microphone positions (close and ambient) for ultimate ambience control... and best of all: it sounds as good as the real thing! This Plug-In version comes with 28 programs (9 DRY programs, 9 WET programs (with and without true real-time repedalling), 3 Dry & Wet layered programs and several FX variations. The bass of this instrument is absolutely huge with a very focused pitch.

Bardstown Audio Bösendorfer Imperial Grand 24 BiT MULTiFORMAT | 2.17 GB
Format: EXS24 HALion KONTAKT

This 9 1/2 foot concert grand piano is Bösendorfer’s top of the line. The extra lower bass strings give superior resonance to this world class concert grand piano.We have sample recorded this piano in a concert performance hall with four velocities of pedal up, four velocities of pedal down, and release trigger samples. This piano is one and a half gigabytes and is available in Giga, EXS24, HALion and Kontakt formats.
This 9 1/2 foot concert grand piano is Bosendorfer’s top of the line. The extra lower bass strings give superior resonance to this world class concert grand piano. There are four velocity layers of pedal up samples, four velocity layers of pedal down samples, and release note off samples. The release “note off” samples very nicely capture the ambient sound of the performance hall in which this Bösendorfer Imperial was sample recorded. These are all actual sample recorded velocity layers and without any filtering in order to produce additional “fake” velocity layers, such has been done by other developers who claim to have eight to sixteen layer sampled pianos.

Many other current sampled pianos claiming to have eight to sixteen velocity layers have been produced by only sample recording two or three actual velocity layers, and then applying low pass filtering onto those samples in order to produce up to sixteen “fake” velocity layers, and also with only every second or third note sample recorded, and with the rest of the notes being pitch shifted from those notes. Sample editing methods used by these developers who “streamline” their work include batch auto cropping of samples, and a great deal of batch processing for many different processes. These sampling “shortcut” methods are much quicker, easier, and with much less work involved in producing a sampled instrument. The quality of sound of any sampled acoustic instrument, which has been produced with these fast streamlined methods of low pass filtering for producing multiple fake velocities, pitch shifting of notes, auto cropping, and batch proce

Each and every note of the Bardstown Audio Bösendorfer Imperial was sample recorded at all four velocity levels and articulations of pedal up, pedal down, and release, and with no pitch shifting of any notes of nalkxava. In other words, each and every note of the eighty-eight keys on this sampled Bösendorfer Imperial has been sample recorded nine different ways, for a total of 792 recorded samples. All sampled notes on “all” sampled instruments produced by Bardstown Audio have been edited and tweaked by hand, one note at a time, and with no quick streamlining methods or batch processing whatsoever.

The most advanced state of the art recording techniques and world class recording equipment were used to sample record this Bösendorfer Imperial in a world class performance hall.

This sampled Bösendorfer Imperial is considered by the vast majority of people to be the best sounding and most playable sampled piano in the world.

Tonehammer Lakeside Organ EXS24 KONTAKT DVDR 

Each pipe produces sound of one fixed pitch, so they are provided in sets with one pipe or more per note, each set or stop having a common timbre and loudness throughout. The Lakeside Organ has multiple sets of pipes of differing timbre, pitch and loudness which the player can employ singly or in combination. The actual organ is made from three keyboards, played by the hands, and a pedal board for bass notes, played by the feet, each of which controls its own group of stops. We carefully recorded the organ at a variety of different settings, which allows the user to control the timbre of the organ. We recorded five different settings comparably from PP to FF. All settings recorded at two microphone positions (close/far), so user have ultimately flexibility between 10 different organ settings. Additionally we realized that many other organ sample libraries use noise reduction, which gives a more polished/clinical sound to the organ. We decided to take the opposite approach and allow all the air sounds in the library, since a variety of the “noise” is the air produced by the pipes. This means that the organ has a more full and airy sound (especially in softer settings), which gives a more emotional expression.


* 5 Different Organ Settings (Equivalent to PP, P, MP, MF, FF).
* Close and Far microphone positions for all settings.
* All notes on organ sampled (no interval sampling).
* All notes sampled with release triggers.
* Acoustic recording without noise reduction.
* Additional foot basses in forte patches.
* Additional bell/chimes included.
* Additional session recordings, FX, live organ demos and hall sounds.
* Extensive read me install, patch and hint documentation (.pdf) (download here).
* Listen exclusive interview w/ Don Sears, Lakeside Organist / Musical Director (mp3 interview).
* 15 instrument patches, 1,584 samples, 1,75 GB installed, 978 MB .rar download.
* Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/16Bit stereo and stereo .wav format.
* Format(s): Kontakt 2 and .wav (Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2.4 / 3 full stand-alone retail versions required).

Steinberg The Grand VSTi DXi 2.1 INTERNAL - AiRISO | 1.63 GB

Due to massive popular demand we completely reworked our old driver based dongle emulator to work together with our new SynsoEmu, we removed the driver and made it dll-based. All releases have been rebuild, repacked, updated and made compatible to run on modern operating systems like Windows Vista/Seven After 10 years of SyncroSoft ownage it%27s time we move on ... We hope you enjoy this final RETRO summer release ...
The Grand affords you an experience you?ll not soon forget - the jaw-dropping sound and inimitable feel of a high-quality concert grand piano. This VST instrument%27s breathtaking authenticity and extraordinary dynamic response make it a must-have for every pianist. Make no mistake - it is the only alternative to a bona fide concert grand.
Two top-flight concert grand pianos in one virtual instrument
Utterly authentic piano sound that comes courtesy of two of the world%27s finest, most expensive and rarest concert grands
Full-length sustain samples, no loops, with every key sampled individually at varying velocities
Unrivalled dynamic response
Amazingly authentic sustain pedal resonance, damper and hammer emulations Velocity adapts individually to suit your touch, style of play and keyboard%27s response
Powerful options for tweaking tone and variable room simulations

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11dvd 130rb
Hemat 35rb

Ini dia Paket Sound Drum yg lengkap buat bikin musik

Big Fish Audio Elemental Studio Percussion MULTIFORMAT DVDR

Everyone knows that having a great percussionist on call is a necessity in this business, but sometimes finding one is a difficult task. Big Fish brings you 'Elemental Studio Percussion', a complete library filled with the foundational studio percussion loops and sounds that every writer/producer needs. This 'meat & potatoes' library is packed with 8.3GB of loops to fill the percussion hole in that song of yours. No more resorting to paying huge amounts of money for studio time and a pro player to hit those bongos for've got it all on this user-friendly 2 DVD set.

'Elemental Studio Percussion' is organized by BPM folders. Each BPM folder contains various different instruments. BPMs include: 80, 100, 110(3/4), 120, 120(3/4), 140 140(5/4), and 240.

Also included is a folder of one-shot samples of each instrument included. Most of these samples were recorded with a soft, medium, and loud version. These can be helpful if you wanted to record something specific in addition to the loops provided.

Instruments include:

- Agogo Bells.

- Bell Tree.

- Bongos.

- Cabasa.
- Congos.
- Cowbell.
- Djembe.
- Egg Shaker.
- Guiro.
- Maracas.
- Rainstick.
- Shakers.
- Shekere.
- Tambourine.
- Timbales.
- Triangles.
- Vibraslap.
- Woodblock.

- 8.31 total content size (3.25 GB of original 24-bit WAV files).

- 1563 total original Loops and Samples.

Cinesamples Deep Percussion Beds WAV KONTAKT
Percussion loop libraries have been, and will continue to be, a necessary tool for composers on the go. They can transform a cue into something completely different with just a few clicks and one pass on the keyboard.

We decided to have a go at an orchestral percussion loop library, but of course in the cinesamples way. We noticed many incredibly bombastic, active and gigantic sounding loop libraries yet we weren’t able to find a loop library suitable for the other moments we are called on to score. A dialogue scene with underlying tension, or the quieter moments before all hell breaks loose, a troubling flashback to a long forgotten memory, or a scene where the director says “I think the music is saying too much here, perhaps we don’t need music till the next part. Yes, the music needs to say much less or nothing at all (the editor nods his head in firm agreement).”

Deep Percussion Beds contains 50 Loop Suites, each loop suite is made up of 3 variations (A/B/C) and a Coda ending. Each Variation grows organically as a piece of music would, variation B being slightly more complex, and variation C being more so. Within each variation you will find the groups/stems which make up the loop to be mapped to Kontakt also. Allowing you to choose either the full mix of each variation or the building blocks.

We’ve stretched the Tempo Syncing Engine in Kontakt to the limit – allowing you to use each loop at a wide variety of tempi. Each stem was painstakingly sliced by hand at multiple tempi allowing flexibility that the far surpasses the native time stretching engine. Also included in the GUI are reverb controls, EQ controls and Compression Controls

Deep Percussion Beds is a massive 9GB in size, and uses a combination of our live elements, private libraries and previously recorded materials.

Cinesamples Drums of War 2 KONTAKT (PC/MacOSX) | 6.95 GB 

Drums of War 2 is the newest member to the cinesamples percussion family, and its parents are beaming. Following in the scope of the original Drums of War this new volume takes a different approach to achieving massive-percussive impact. Whereas the paramount concept of DOW 1 was recording huge orchestral drums in a huge space this time we used specific instrumentation/production techniques to achieve our result. DOW 2 contains entirely new sample content and entirely new instruments – those which we have never sampled before. The foundation of this library being the mighty taikos. 

The hallmark of this library lies within the recordings. DOW 2 utilizes a combination close/stage mix with wonderfully rich character – a driving, powerful tone. If you could use one word to describe this sound it would most certainly be “tight”. But the real magic lies in whats going on in the stereo field. DOW 2 uses double, triple, and quadruple tracking – mapped down to one sample and therefore one key – allowing you to trigger this labor intensive studio-process which a single keystroke. Aside from being an ultimate timesaver, its also like having a renowned professional percussionist and mixer sitting in on your track. Each sample contains that delightful mini-flamming (without phasing) from the percussionist and that ultra-balanced wide panorama from the mixer. If you like to construct your own layers we’ve made the solo patches available too. 

All DOW 2 percussion was sampled in 24/48 with the best gear, in a fantastic Los Angeles studio, by one of Hollywood’s most in-demand percussionists. Everything recorded with 10xRR and up to 10 velocity layers. 

DOW 2 (8 GB) requires the full version of Kontakt 3.5 or 4+ and comes with the following patches. 
•Chang Chang 
•Djun Djuns* 
•Frame Drums* 
•Hang Drum 
•Kissing Fish Shaker 
•Mixing Bells 
•Mondo Toms* 
•One Shot Shaker 
•Shime Daikos* 
•Sub Boom 
* ensemble patches containing 2-4 sub patches + ensemble patches. 

East West Quantum Leap Stormdrum INTAKT/KOMPAKT Edition | 6.5 Gb

STORMDRUM all started when producer NICK PHOENIX decided to go down to the Record Plant in Los Angeles to record some big film grooves for movie trailers he was working on. He hired some the best percussionists in the world (Tal Bergman, Richie Garcia, Michito Sanchez), and filled up Studio A with hundreds of drums. The Record Plant said they had never seen anything like it. After a complex setup, they were ready to roll. Everything was recorded through Neuman mics into an SSL Console to 2 inch analog tape and later transfered to 24 bit, 88.2 digital. Now, after years of recording, editing, and programming, STORMDRUM has arrived!

Actually you get 2 libraries when you purchase STORMDRUM. The INTAKT loops and the KOMPAKT multi-samples. There are 2 seperate interfaces, so that each category includes all of the features needed - 

KOMPAKT has disk streaming and multi-timbral capability, as well as a host of other multi-sample parameters like auto sample alternation. This is the perfect interface for the multi-sampled kits and percussion.

INTAKT is the ultimate loop manipulation tool, and syncs the loops to the tempo of your sequencer. It has real - time time compression, cool lo-fi effects, and lots of other amazing features like legato looping.

Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums DVDR GiGA 

The "Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums" library consists of 169 .GIG files and over 1,380 GigaStudio Instrument (.GSI) kits, there are over 8330 different samples totaling over 7 gigabytes of material. In addition users who register this product will receive an additional 35 drum kits. There are also 13 new GigaPulse multi-placment rooms. Each of these rooms has 18 different player locations & can output your drum performance in either 2, 5 or 7 channels for stereo or surround use. Each of the 13 rooms is comprised of 126 unique impulses with a total of 1638 impulses in the GigaPulse native format. Additionally, Larry has also taken the time to include midi loops (1,444 to be exact) for use with this library. Unlike other "audio-loop" libraries your loops will not degrade with tempo changes and because these midi loops are triggering a deeply multi-sampled library. A simple wave of the "velocity wand" in your sequencer offers a very realistic human variation to these drum performances.

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6dvd 80rb
Hemat 50rb

Vir2 Instruments Mojo Horn Section

Vir2 Instruments Mojo Horn Section Features:

-Instrument List
  -Alto Sax 
  -Bari Sax 
  -Bass Trombone 
  -Piccolo Trumpet 
  -Soprano Sax 
  -Tenor Sax 
  -Trombone Mute 
  -Trumpet Mute 
-Articulation List (varies by instrument)
  -Octave Run Up and Down 
  -Bend Down 
  -Crescendo (tempo-synced) 
  -Swell (tempo-synced) 
  -Rise to Hit 
-Release Types (varies by instrument)
  -Slur Up 
  -Falls (4 different speeds) 
  -Over 1600 riffs included 
  -Organized by instrument, key, and tempo 
  -Hundreds of special effects samples 
  -Instant adjustment between 1 and 10 players per instrument 
  -Intelligent and adjustable stereo positioning 
  -Adjustable accuracy and sloppiness 
-Integrated Engines
  -Physically modeled vibrato 
  -Advanced humanization 
  -Character control 
  -EZRoom Convolution Reverb 
-Playing Modes
-Built-in Effects
  -3-Band Equalizer 
  -Stereo Width 
  -Remote MIDI CC control over almost every parameter 
  -Lite patches with fewer samples for faster loading 
  -Individual articulation instruments 
  -Powered by Kontakt 
  -Standalone, VST, AU, and RTAS operation 
  -Mac and PC compatible 
  -Digital Performer  

Cinesamples Hollywoodwinds WAV KONTAKT-ASSiGN | 2.94 GB

The groundbreaking new method of sync on the fly. Kontakt will automatically recognize your sequence’s tempo and playback your scales and textures in time (live). In addition all patches using this engine have samples which have been recorded at multiple tempos. Kontakt will automatically and intelligently choose the correct sample and micro adjust it into place- providing incredibly realistic results and leaving the composer to worry about more important things.


Choose from exclusively Stage Mic patches or Close Mics patches, or using the hybrid patches create your own custom mix – live with no artifacts. Automate your levels using Kontakt 3.5+ or use our presets. Flavor your mix with the 3 Band EQ pre-sets.


Using Kontakt 3.5+ you can actually visually see the music you are creating, live! The notation window displays incredibly detailed conductor – piano reductions of your current sample being triggered. Very useful for composers, educators and anyone curious.


Straight down the chain we have focused our sound to emulate the voice of the Hollywood scoring stages. From the choice of ensemble, the players themselves, the gear, the mix, the orchestrations, the scale tunings,…. the entire concept is planned to sound with that one goal in mind. Plenty of trail/error, score studying, lunch meeting, phone calling and general research was gathered in pre production so we blatantly tried to squeeze all the detail and life we possibly could at the sessions and in post. This is the extra step the great hollywood composers and orchestrator’s provide on a daily basis.


Our method of using tempo synced pre-records with typical keyboard patches is extremely efficient and realistic. The stacked patches, such as the octaves patch, allow the user to voice the ensemble over several different octaves in an authentic hollywood stack (see user manual for details). And of course there is the tutti patch, featuring everybody playing (including the piccolo). There is a whole other half to the library after you check out the GB’s of pre records.


All that creepy stuff the winds do when the spider is attacking, when the beautiful face is morphing, when the eyes turn yellow??? We decided we needed to have that too. From unison ensemble quarter tone bends, to 12 tone cluster stacks to massive collection of Atonal Rips to clarinet “meowing” to multi- piccolo flutters you are sure to find something you need for your track here.
Keyboard Patches:
Chordal Tremolos
Major and Minor Traids

Scales and Rips:

Atonal Rips
Chromatic Scales
Harmonic Minor Scales
Major Scales
Natural Minor Scales
Octatonic Scales
Tonal Rips
Whole Tone Scales

Textures and FX:

FX 5th Chord
FX Cluster Chords and Flutters
FX Pitch Bending FX
FX Random Note Staccato Patterns
TEX Chord Trill Quarter Notes
TEX Inspiring 1 (Duplet)*
TEX Inspiring 2 (Triplet)*
TEX Inspiring 3 (Classical, Triplet)*
TEX Light Hearted Motif*
TEX Lydian Thirds*
TEX Marching Patterns8
TEX Octaves Repeating (Duplet)*
TEX Octaves Repeating (Triplet)*
TEX Oom Pah Major Minor*
TEX Repeating Major and Minor Chords*

* These patches use the C.I.T.E (Cinesamples Intelligent Time Engine) which will allow automatic tempo synchronization in your sequencer. 
This version of Hollywoodwinds includes the powerful Kontakt Player engine for seamless integration into all major sequencers.

The Sax Brothers?
Yes, the male members of the saxophone family.
Miss Sax S (the soprano) is presently under evaluation for feasibility.
What’s new in Mr. Sax A, B & T ?
The Alto and Baritone Sax are completely new instruments, designed and programmed for the new NI Kontakt 3.5 Player. The current version is 1.51.
As in Mr. Sax T, v. 1.02, the main panel allows for monitoring and inputting control data. It includes a drop down menu for Keyboard, Breathcontroller, Yamaha and Akai windcontroller input, symmetrical and asymmetrical pitchbend response, velocity or CC controlled portamento time, etc.
Automatic recognition of the audio card sample rate has been implemented, thus obviating the need of manually setting the corresponding value on the instrument GUI.
Channel aftertouch is now recognized and can be used to control several parameters, such as vibrato intensity or rate, subharmonic, growl or flutter intensity. A user defined smoothing parameter helps reduce any sudden jump of the less-than-optimal aftertouch response of several keyboards.
In addition, MIDI remapping of incoming CCs is now possible, by a dedicated GUI (see below).
And Mr. Sax T?
Mr. Sax T, vers. 1.51 has been reprogrammed in exactly the same way as the other Brothers
Note: Load the library in the Libraries Tab of the latest cracked version of Kontakt, Tested in Kontakt 4.1.1 

Like the trumpet, the trombone is one of the most versatile, dynamic,
flexible and expressive musical instruments. It covers an incredibly
wide range of sounds and moods. Whether a classical sacred work, a
military march or a powerful fanfare, a pop song or a huge orches-
tral arrangement - the trombone is an indispensable instrument in a
vast majority of musical styles.

However, it.s extremely difficult to emulate, even more than the
trumpet, due to the presence of the slide - a true challenge for
developers of virtual instruments.

That.s why we chose it next.

The Trombone family expands Samplemodeling. technologies beyond the
original limits. An entirely new class of Harmonic Alignment has
been developed, allowing continuous transition across virtually
infinite dynamics, at the same time perfectly preserving the
peculiar, .spiky. waveform of this instrument. Multi-microphone
anechoic recording, coupled to a specially devised .early
reflections. impulse response, allowed to reproduce the full, rich
timbre of the instrument including its radiation pattern, adding at
same time a virtual space to the anechoic sound.

The base material of the instruments (two Tenor, one Valve and one
Bass Trombone) consists of 714 MB of samples, chromatically
performed by a professional trombone player over a very wide dynamic
range. All samples are unlooped, and have a minimum duration of 8
sec. As .The Trumpet., the Trombone engine is structured according
to an adaptive model, based on the performance .fingerprints. of the
real instrument. The purpose of the model is to minimize the
differences between the real phrases and those played by the virtual

Proprietary modal resonance IRs, innovative techniques for sample
modulation, and advanced AI midi processing are used for real time
construction of all articulations and morphing across dynamics,
vibrato, legato, portamento, trills, vibrato-like endings, shakes
and so forth.

Pseudo-random detuning, based on real performance-derived trends, is
another outstanding new feature of The Trombone, adding further

A completely new chapter concerns the slide. The real trombone is
one of the few wind instruments that can produce a true glissando up
to six semitones. Though very difficult to obtain with a sample-
based instrument, the effect of the slide has been perfectly
reproduced in our virtual trombone by a novel application of the
.Harmonic Alignment. technology. Ultra-realistic slide effects can
be obtained by proper use of the pitchbend, but are also automati-
cally activated by overlapped legato. As in the real instrument, a
continuous glissando effect will be obtained if the portamento
interval is within +/- 3 semitones.

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