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PAKET 41 Wavelab LE 7 plus Video Tutorial

PAKET 41 Wavelab LE 7 & Tutorial

Software Mastering paling yg banyak dipakai utk mastering ini ditambah dgn video tutorialnya jd bisa langsung liat cara memakainya

WaveLab LE 7 offers a suite of audio editing tools tailored to the needs of musicians, small recording environments and podcast authors. The podcast tool combines basic editing and mastering capabilities with full internet audio publishing features, creating a unique one-stop application for recording, editing right through to online publication via podcast, perfectly suited for Sequel and Cubase users. The sample-accurate 32-bit/96 kHz audio engine in WaveLab LE 7 combines a small set of quality virtual effect processors.
Enter the world of professional audio editing
WaveLab LE 7 not only allows you to edit CD-quality audio material on two tracks, but also enhances recordings, using more than ten plug-ins that include several effects taken from our professional music software, Cubase. In addition, there is the integrated podcast function which allows for sharing music and voice recordings in the internet.
Convincing plug-in set
WaveLab LE 7 comes with nine plug-ins, based on Steinberg’s renowned VST3 technology. Plug-ins such as the Steinberg Compressor, Limiter, the renowned StudioEQ from Cubase and Roomworks SE form a solid feature set. More than ten additional plug-ins including Leveler are also on board.
Audio analysis on a new level
One of WaveLab LE 7’s strength is the audio analysis section, including tools such as the 3D offline Spectrum view and Level Meters for the master section that allows the user to always easily keep an overview on the technical results of the current mix.
WaveLab LE 7 also delivers flawless audio quality by supporting 96 kHz sampling rate at a playback resolution of 32 bits.
Workspace concept and flexible window architecture
WaveLab LE 7’s Workspace concept is based on the bigger WaveLab 7 versions and offers the possibility to switch between several WaveLab LE 7 view sets with a single mouse click and thereby dramatically speeds up the entire working process with WaveLab LE 7. The new window structure offers the possibility to drag and drop program windows, resize them and place them anywhere required within the WaveLab LE 7 workspace.
Audio montage and wave editing

The Audio Montage of WaveLab LE 7 is the central working area, where audio files can be edited. It hosts two audio tracks as well as a basic editing feature set, including the possibility to set markers. The redesigned master section allows the use of up to three slots for the integration of plug-ins.
Podcast production
But there’s even more to it than that. WaveLab LE 7 also offers comprehensive support for the creation and publishing of podcasts. The powerful podcast tool offers a feature set, which can stand comparison even with the more professional WaveLab 7 versions. It’s possible not only to add parameters such as title or description, but also create several episodes and upload them directly to the server of choice.

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