Monday, 2 July 2012

GUITAR BUSTER 5 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Guitar

Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons Part.1
(Kode Order : GTRBSTR5)
9dvd 110rb 
Hemat 25rb!!

Ini dia paket terdahsyat buat yg mau belajar Hard Rock & Heavy Metal 
Belajar langsung dari para Masternya,isinya lengkap banget & merupakan lesson pilihan semua & gak tanggung - tanggung   sampe 9 dvd!

Jadi dijamin udah cukup buat bikin kamu jadi master Hard Rock & Heavy Metal 

Ini dia isinya :

Beginning Hard Rock & Metal

 How to Play Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Guitar

Learn Heavy Metal Guitar with 6 Great Masters

Rock House Method - Metal Guitar Beginner DVD
English | DVD-Video | 70 mins | NTSC 720x480 29.97 fps | AC3 192 Kbps 48 KHz | 4.34 GB
Designed by world-renowned guitarist John McCarthy, this program is jam-packed with the fundamental techniques you need to develop the skills to play any style of metal.
John's instruction guides you step-by-step through easy-to-learn heavy metal power chords, complete classic and modern metal rhythms, his very own speed demon exercises, pentatonic death scales, and the demonic half step. You will learn bends, pull-offs, and hammer-ons—all key components of effective lead playing. Each Rock House video Includes a lesson tab booklet, iPod-ready video, and free lifetime membership to Rock House s online lesson support. Enhance your learning experience to links with instructors, download backing tracks, access message boards, and much more. You'll connect with a community of musicians around the world learning to play music using The Rock House Method

 SongXpress - Heavy Metal Vol 2

Video Guitar Lesson with James Malone
Webrip | MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280×720 29.96fps | AAC 44100Hz stereo 256kbps | 4.5 GB

James Malone is in a band called Arsis. Arsis is an American death metal band from Virginia Beach, Virginia, formed in 2000. The band is currently signed to Nuclear Blast. He has a pretty loyal following of guitar players and has decided to share is knowledge with
He has put together one hell of a series for all you metal heads out there. You’ll learn everything from basic techniques to how to sing (growl?) and play at the same time.
Furthermore, he’s taken the time to record some kickass licks for our lick & riff library. He has also taught a handful of Arsis songs for you to learn.
James is a great addition to the JamPlay metal instructor army!
James Malone has 27 videos at JamPlay, with 4 song lessons, 20 lessons in our Artist Series and 3 Lick & Riff Library entries.

Oli Herbert Metal Guitar Heavy Rhythms Leads And Harmonies Level One

Metal Riffology by Sarah Spisak

Untuk memesannya silakan lihat Tab Cara Memesan

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